The asparagus, spring vegetable


The Chef speaks about the menu of March.

Interview with the Chef about the menu “festival of the asparagus”

Wim Philips, chef of La Ferronniere, is delighted of the return of the spring in the plates. We have “cooked” him a little about the new menu "festival of the asparagus " which he is preparing for us for the end of March

What inspires you about the asparagus?

The best period of the year. The return of the vegetables of the garden, a kitchen of scoops. It’s a magnificent vegetable which accompanies very well the others. The asparagus is also very good for the health. And then, it’s really a product from our home. It comes from the North of Belgium, the Netherlands, the Normandy….

Is it a vegetable easy-to-work?

Yes, the asparagus doesn’t ask for a lot of work. It is agreeing with everything. It can be the star of the menu. And by accompanying, it gives a tasteful contribution without dominating on the rest,a small note of pleasant bitterness.

Which are the rules of preparation to be respected?

Before, we tended to cook it until it becomes too soft. It lost its taste and its vitamins left with the cooking water in the kitchen sink.

The right way to prepare it, is not to cook it totally. It has to stay crisp. And so, it keeps all its taste.
We also can eat it raw. In a salad, cut in small sticks, with thinly sliced wild garlic.

Which is the recipe that makes you melt particularly?

When it’s simply itself; with some mousseline sauce or some butter and salt with wild garlic and bacon.

At home, in the family, do your children also like the asparaguses?

Yes, the 3 boys are fan of it. It’s moreover one of the rare vegetables which all of them agreed about. They appreciate it the Flemish way with melted butter, parsley and hard cooked eggs crushed.

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The asparagus, spring vegetable

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