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Annual closing from januari 6th to 30th 2020

Ayurvedic week

from 875 €/pers

from March 24 to 27, 2020

4 days/3 nights (single room: + 30%)

What is Ayurveda ?

The objective of the ayurveda is to bring us towards a state of balance, health and fundamental harmony.To reach there, ayurveda is going to use the dietetics, the massage, the yoga and also the meditation, because the state of spirit is essential for the health of the being.

Ayur means life, the life force. Veda means knowledge, this Indian traditional medicine bases on three fundamental principles of functioning of the body.Vata - the movement, Pita - the transformation, Kapha - the cohesion.This elementary combinations are reflected in our physical and psychological constitution and are indicated under the name of biological humors.

If  these principles are in balance, the person enjoys a full physical, mental and emotional  health.When they are in excess or in weakness, the body generates at first symptoms, then faintness and diseases.

Three days of “ayurvedic discovery”

Every day, you receive care and massages according to the ayurvedic principles. The massages can be sometimes soft, to calm and resume contact with its body, relieve muscles and joints, give respite to the pain or find some comfort; sometimes tonic solving deep tensions, evacuating toxins, stimulating energetic points and the metabolism.

Every day will also be given rhythm by sessions of yoga to unite the body and the spirit by the practice of the postures, the breath and the relaxation.These three days offer you the opportunity reconnecting you to yourself, to glimpse another way of taking your health in hand.

Dietary cooking

A dietary food (without meat, without coffee, without alcohol) will be elaborated by care of the chief of La Ferronniere, during these few days. A healthy cooking of vegetables and fruits, allying the raw and the spices, filled with vitamins and minerals to regenerate the body.

Accommodation and access to the wellness

During the stay, you are accommodated in a standard room and you can take freely advantage of the wellness infrastructure of the hotel.

Arrival / departure

Arrival:Tuesday, March 24th 2020 – 5 p.m.

Departure:Friday, March 27th – 4 p.m.



Ayurvedic week
Ayurvedic week
Ayurvedic week
Ayurvedic week
Ayurvedic week
Ayurvedic week

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Bed & breakfast (2pers.)


RoomMid week except holidaysWeekend.

Standard 2 pers.

108 €

 118 €

Classic double 2pers.

128 €

 138 €

Superior double 2pers.

138 €

 148 €

Superior double 3pers.

160 €

 168 €

Superior double 4pers.

170 €

190 €


Room & wellness included
Mid week except holidaysWeekend.

Executive double

162 €

 172 €

Suite 2 pers.

198 €

 223 €

Suite 3 pers.

243 €

 269 €

Suite 4 pers.

275 €

300 €







from 15 p.m. till 19 p.m. for guests having reserved on our web site ( . Supplement (not required): bathrobe + bath towel: 15 € / pers.


for guests having reserved by booking centre (type booking....)

NB: For morning access to the wellness: 15 € extra charge

Half board

- 4-course Relais du Silence menu : 38 Euros p pers. 
for a 2 to 3 night midweek stay - 5 to -10 % discount ( on request)


Price /pers

Childs bed

30 €

Baby bed

12 €


12 €


Conditions of cancellation:

In the event of cancellation up to 48 hours before the arrival date, the hotel takes no fee.
Except holidays: a maximum of 2 weeks.
Weekend: 1 week without fee.

Late cancellation:
we will invoice 1 night.

No show:
we will invoice the total booking fees.


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