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Les soins massages à La Ferronnière                           Massages


"Be good to your body so that your soul feels like staying there (Indian proverb)"

That massage eliminates the general tiredness of the body, it improves blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminates back pain and pronunciations, it reinforces the energy of the body

Relaxing massage of the body 40’

80  euros

Modeling of the back : 25'

To eliminate tensions collected at the level of the back and to favor relaxation

50 €

 Abhyanga  (50min)

This massage of the whole body with hot oil of sesame is made on even soil. It allows the body to mobilize its own power of healing and of purification. The job is made as well at physical level as energetic what gives at the same time a feeling of relaxation, to be well and a rebound of energy. Ideal would be to have this massage followed by a session of sweating (hammam, sauna etc.)

 90 €

 Kansu : 30'

It’s a massage of the feet with the aid of a bowl (Kansu) and of a ghee. This massage balances Pita, brings a deep relaxation, assistant to digestion and can improve view.

50 €

Beauty and regeneration of the skin:

Rubbing-out of the body
allows eliminating died cells and returns a more beautiful and softer aspect to your skin.

Rubbing-out of the body Hydratation 40'
Rubbing-out of the body Massage Hydratation 75'



60 €

85 €

The rites
moment of escape through the world

The tribal care journey to the country of senses.
- rubbing-out of the body with the oil of baobab and coffee beans
- envelope with the moisturizing wax of cactus
- massage with the balm of perfumed oil and with wooden pestles.
with envelope 1h30         
with out envelope 55'

Rite of the orient
- rubbing-out (gumming) purifying with soft soap and by a glove of grains
- envelope with Rassoul, detoxifying and purifying
- traditional relaxing massage with the oil of the Orient.

with envelope 1h30
with out envelope 55'





100 €
85 €




100 €
85 €

Beauty of the feet and hands     
Pédicure soins des pieds
Gommage, pédicure, masque, massage 50' 

45 €

Facial skincare

The essential part, a moment of pure relaxation and discovery 45’
The expert, diagnosis of your skin followed by a adapted care permitting of regeneration 75 à 80'
Care of the individual, to detoxify, to oxygenate, to revitalize 60’      


60 €
80 €
65 €

Chinese plantar reflexology 40'

The reflexology finds its roots in the middle of the ancient civilizations of china, India and Egypt. It is a technology of stimulation of the reflex zone of the feet with pressures supported of the thumbs. The foot being the reflection of the human body, we find at its level, practically all organic disturbances of the body in form of bloated epidermis, of the dermis, of muscular shrinkage, of painful point.

 The reflexology

- Eliminates toxins
- Balances and reinforces organism
- Circulates vital energy
- Improves the blood and lymphatic circulation
- Unlock the body of stress and tensions

The reflexology constitutes therefore a precious help to feel good, the reflexology does not pretend to cure specific troubles and replaces in no way any medical treatment.

60 €

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